Smart advertising and smart campaigns

I am currently a marketing student, but have always liked to witness “cleverly-put-together adverts ” let me share a few that have captured me recently.

1. “It’s good to be bad“The Jaguar campaign that used actors that played villains in British movies. What caught my attention was how Spark 44 (The agency behind this concept)  used villains instead if the cliche “Hot girl” to advertise their latest range of cars

Jaguar  " It's good to be bad "

Jaguar ” It’s good to be bad “

2. While scrolling down 9 gag, I found this rather impressive and heart felt work by a photographer who wanted to raise awareness about adopting abandoned dogs. I was titled “Photographer creates surreal montages with abandoned dogs to encourage adoption“.

3. Why you should brush. This campaign aims to encourage people to brush their teeth but does it in an usual way. have a look for yourself

There are so many adverts on various media platform that our attention is constantly being fought for by advertisers that’s why it is certainly a requirement for advertisers to be more artistic yet more clever to win our attention as people. These are just some of the adverts and campaigns that grabbed my attention.

Hope you enjoyed


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