Walking in heels

Those close to me would know that I really like to see women in heels and walking properly in them. I don’t know why I just do. Early this week on my way to campus, I came across a sight of a pretty women dressed in summer dress with an array of flowers printed on it. She was looking quite dashing with her hair well tied up and a neutral coloured hand bag to match her beige wedged heels. Nice!

What happened a split second later deterred my stance of admiration to a mode of concern, to included a silent cringe and a disappointed expression on my face that I tried very hard to hide but  failed to do so.

The young lady stumbled forward like a new born gazelle. It was more apparent and evident that she couldn’t walk in those. Maybe she could try and argue that ‘they were of high length’ the counter argument I would give is that ‘Why didn’t you learn how to walk in them before you put them on ? ‘

Ladies if you can’t walk in heels here is a tutorial read it and be blessed. Not for my pleasure but your benefit.


Remember that if you walk incorrectly in heels or wearing the wrong size can can damage your ankles and toes. I hope the lady I sore this past week is reading this post and is inspired to take the right steps.

– Sibusiso –




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